Friday, December 24, 2010

Following up with the hate bloggers

After looking into this matter myself I found that the trolls who spam Nihonomaru are the creators of the hate blogs; very unethical. So the truth is, those hate bloggers came to Nihonomaru in the past, either they were part of the corrupted staff or banned for turning on Nihonomaru by trying to spread hatred.

Being as constructive as I can, let me clear this up, if you got banned from YouTube for violating one of its rules, would you go on a rampage against YouTube writing hate blogs? So back to our topic, with every action comes a consequence, to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. The publishers of those hate blogs came to Nihonomaru to have fun but instead, they violated its rules and tried to destroy members' enjoyment by spreading hate and drama, thus it is ethical that Nihonomaru would get rid of those people if they don't listen to the warnings. However, we can go on ranting with how the internet carries all kind of different people from the shady ones to the nice ones and the list goes on. 

So what happens when Nihonomaru staff pulls the Ban Hammer on these corrupted members?!? lets see..

 That must've hurt...

So that being said, those banned members it hurts them in their guts that they got banned and want to come back to the site, well why bother coming back if you hate the site and got banned for violating the rules? I can tell you that Nihonomaru is addictive! it is like a sex drive, if you don't have sex with Nihonomaru, you won't stand it.

Can you picture it? I think we all can.

So what happens is the publishers of those hate blogs and comments, tries to get back on nihonomaru with alt accounts, not only would they stay hidden in the shadow but they would make annoying as f--k drama threads, well drama is entertainment from time to time but it gets annoying when you hear some whinny kids trying to insult the staff for getting banned; so they end up getting banned again. Wait... the story isn't finish, they would make another alt accounts, spam the forum with shitty hate blogs they have created it in retaliation and try to harass members over pms to read their blogs. This time they get ip banned! You can picture those banned members as being addictive to drugs and want to mess around and everywhere. 

I can't take this anymore...

Lets destroy Nihonomaru reputation!!

I am voicing my vote with the 1+ million  members from nihonomaru that we don't want drama queens or hear your shit. You got banned, live with it, find something better to do and learn not to violate other site's rules. My advice to these hate blogger fap to something else other than to nihonomaru and use your brain for once and have some pride and dignity and don't come back to nihonomaru with alt accounts; everyone can see through those hate blogs which contain useless, endless bitching ranting coming from angry individuals who were banned from nihonomaru.

You know the great example that says "if you can't beat them join them." That is exactly what those hate bloggers are doing; joining each others.

To all those faithful Nihonomaru members, lets stand up against this bigotry coming from those corrupted banned members and spread the love. Nihonomaru and their staff have given us so much care and it is time to turn some of it back. 

Love, protect, honor, and spread the good words about NIHONOMARU.COM

We need heroes!!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We love you Nihonomaru!


Let me start by saying that Nihonomaru is AMAZING! Period. I have made so much friends on it, downloaded my favorites mangas and have and still enjoy my time on it. I am dedicating this blog for nihonomaru and sorry for taking this privilege without direct permission from nihonomaru staff but I believe nihonomaru deserves the attention of the good faithful members.

Nihonomaru has over a million member and that just shows how competitive it has become toward other similar sites. I have came across some sites which gave nihonomaru bad reviews, and tries to ruin its reputation with retaliation and hate. After reading these blogs, I have learned that these blogger hates nihonomaru so much because they either got banned from it for doing something wrong or hates it for its success.

After speaking to some of Nihonomaru moderators which they are adorable and very nice, hands down; I have learned that Nihonomaru keeps a good principle whenever they face haters; they rather get rid of them rather than feed the trolls by responding back to their claims. If I own a house and invite someone to it, I'd aspect that person to respect my place and act with integrity and respect and not being a complete "ass". Of course if he or she acts with disrespect, this is what will happen...

Ouch! that must've hurt...

Some bloggers tried to ruin Nihonomaru's reputation by posting untrue stories and altering facts about the site and their staff. I've read these blogs and let me just tell you that they are very ridiculous, they talk about ripping design, and download links, to admin making money to pay for her college. Seriously...

 Exactly! plain bull shit.

Who pays for the servers of Nihonomaru, the the new upgrades, the enhanced features or the services? The staff of nihonomaru are dedicating themselves for free to bring new features every once in a while to make members happy unlike many other lazy butts out there who opens a forum or a site and do no updates. The only people who knows the answer to these questions are the ones who can built a successful site not some random noob making a blog and ranting and posting plain BS.

Lets look at a great site such as Wikipedia, a free service which allows publishers to share information across the whole world. They have raised 12 Million Dollars so far to support that free service. You see the point, every free service will cost $$$$

These blogger to me sounds very ridiculous and are just embarrassing themselves when they don't show their identity in their hate blogs and hide cowardly behind the walls. The publishers who wrote those blogs were once members on nihonomaru who got banned for turning on nihonomaru because of its success, or were striving to gain some personal position within the site, or were plain attention whores. I've found out what their user-names are and where they are right now i.e. which site they joined or created, however, stating their identity is not important.

For me, if those publishers of these hate blogs don't show their identity then they are not creditable and everything they say should not be taken into consideration.

You know what the great OWL would say, "Don't join the bandwagon."

Considering the ongoing ranting of those hate blogs which are really lame in a sense of their claimed statements, they could deceive a 14 year old kid but no adults. The claims mostly came down to link stealing and design ripping which I find this hardly true. Every forum has members who steal links and share them else where, every forum has drama with good and bad members so it is really ridiculous when saying link stealing when in fact everyone is stealing. If you show me you own the copyright of your upload, than you may have a point.

Lets look at this matter from the legal point of view, Youtube vs Viacom. Would we all say, that YouTube steals videos and share them on its site? Let me quote what the Judge has said:

"YouTube was protected under DMCA Safe Harbor, which means that if you find a clip on the site that's illegal, it's the uploader's fault or liability, not YouTube's."

Theme ripping, there has been a huge fuzz about this, however this fuzz is made by very little tiny bitty sites (vbulletin) owned by members who use to be nihonomaru members whom got themselves banned. In retaliation, those hate bloggers are trying to destroy nihonomaru's reputation by spreading lies. This remind of of the famous example "Fake it till you make it." If someone creates a similar design, this does not make him or her ripping your design with that being said, I have not seen nihonomaru made an exact same design as any other sites. I've quite seen the opposite when nihonomaru has pushed its limit by creating some very artistic and unique designs which other sites couldn't make.

Nihonomaru has been online since 2007 and that just proves its history, that being said, when I first came to nihonomaru in early 2008, I realized that it tried to be unique from most anime sites out there, they've created anime theme forum designs that other sites never thought about doing. Other sites tried and did copy many of nihonomaru ideas and later claim it their, how ironic. It was strange and unfair that nihonomaru never bitched about those sites copying their ideas, that is where maturity came into play. Nihonomaru contains professional, educated staff and that is where the difference comes into play. 

Aside from this, know that Vbulletin or IPB offers many custom made skins, you can buy skins from Vbstyles , Completevb , Vbskin  or any other vbulletin site, Google is filled with tones more! So if nihonomaru bought the same skin which other sites have previously bought, they have that right! Bare in mind that also vbulletin is a 3rd party software which allows you to potentially customize your site whichever way you want to, so coding something similar is also your right. Unless you code a stand alone script like myspace or facebook and someone stole your script code by code and use it.

That being said, all I saw were some noobs buying a third party software i.e. Vbulletin and call it a site and later make those dumb shit hate blogs that cost them no $$$ or time because they were banned from Nihonomaru Forum or may be they needed some attention, please do yourself a favor and stop using your keyboard, you're just embarrassing yourself with your retaliatory hate blogs.

However, all in all to these hate blogs, stop the bull shit. We love Nihonomaru and we will support it.
NIHONOMARU.COM has great features, great staff, great members and you name it.

Lets spread the good words about NIHONOMARU.COM and end this bigotry once and for all.